Ubimax, the leading supplier for Enterprise Wearable Computing solutions, has officially started a strategic cooperation with Telepathy, a Japan-based leading developer of smart eyewear technologies. Ubimax will be a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Telepathy’s products for the European Market enabling the Japanese Smart Glasses experts to further expand its business in Europe. In return, the Bremen based Wearable Computing experts will get all the necessary support to increase their customer base in Asia.

Ubimax today announced its cooperation with Telepathy Japan Inc., a Japan-based leading developer of smart eyewear technologies. From now on Ubimax will be a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Telepathy’s products for the European Market. Within the main focus of the new strategic cooperation is the innovative smart eyewear device “Telepathy Walker”.

The “Telepathy Walker” is a ruggedized wearable device that allows users to enjoy Augmented Reality applications both inside and outside. The “Telepathy Walker” has distinct technological advantages together with an original cutting-edge optical design. Normally the new eyewear type of wearable device hung around the neck and when necessary the device can be worn in front of the eye, for continued use an attachment could be used to secure it on eyeglasses or the head. Because of the advanced design concept, the “Telepathy Jumper” fits variety of industrial use cases and field needs.

AR apps can be used on variety of devices, such as tablets, smart phones, but the interesting scenarios involve users who need both of their hands to perform their workflows. This is where AR-capable Smart Glasses make the most sense. They enable users to communicate in real-time, provide immediate information at eye level, freeing up the hands of the user. Such solutions are finding acceptance in several market segments and many successful pilots have already turned into live deployments. Among others, Daimler, DHL, Samsung, Schnellecke Logistics and Volkswagen belong to the success stories of Ubimax Smart Glasses projects within this context.

Ken Suzuki, CEO of Telepathy Japan Inc. commented, ”Telepathy has been working very close to the Japanese industrial end-user demands and has already implemented our products successfully for various customers in Japan. In order to provide our cutting edge solution to European market, we are pleased to work with Ubimax, an experienced and ideal partner to develop their specific Wearable Computing applications to corporate users.” Also Jan Junker, CCO of Ubimax, is enthusiastic about the new alliance: “I am happy to have Telepathy as a strategic partner with us on board. Both parties complement each other in an optimal way and I am sure Telepathy and Ubimax will benefit from this strategic cooperation.”

Ubimax will help to provide Telepathy with more traction in Europe to allow Telepathy to continue to expand and improve its European business. Telepathy helps Ubimax to provide its proven Enterprise Wearable Computing Suite on a Smart Glass which is best suited to support specific use cases. With Telepathy Ubimax further extends its broad Wearables manufacturer partner network including companies such as Google, Meta, ODG, Vuzix and many more.


About Ubimax GmbH
Ubimax is a leading supplier of wearable computing solutions which are deployed by organizations, midsize companies as well as international enterprises spanning multiple industries. Its innovative solutions improve customers’ business process speed, quality and flexibility beyond state-of-the-art by making use of wearable computing technology such as Vuzix M100 or Google Glass.

The portfolio of Ubimax includes both tailor-made customer solutions and industrial high-performance standard applications such as “xPick” for order picking, “xMake” for assembly assistance and quality assurance or “xAssist” for remote service scenarios. Ubimax is a full-service provider along the entire application value chain, ranging from initial consulting to software implementation and subsequent maintenance and support, acting as a one-stop-shop to its customers.

The Ubimax team consists of wearable computing pioneers with more than 15 years of experience. Its senior advisory board with leading subject matter experts (e.g. Prof. Thad E. Starner) helps to keep Ubimax clearly ahead of competition.


About Telepathy Japan Inc.
Telepathy Japan Inc. is a wearable device company, located in Tokyo Japan since July 2013. In March 2013, it exhibited the first prototype at SXSW and later that year it partnered with Hitachi Solutions. In 2015, it released the Telepathy Jumper for developers and at CES 2016 released its latest product, the Telepathy Walker. Telepathy Japan Inc. develops high performance wearable devices that “anyone” can simply use “anywhere.” The main aim is to finally evolve person-to-person communication by combining wearable device and wearable service that allows experience sharing that goes beyond space.